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Don’t manage your heat, harness it.

When downtime can mean millions in lost revenue, a vulnerable power supply is the ultimate in risky business. From cloud computing and corporate IT services to underpinning customer service functions and facilitating e-commerce, technology and data centers form critical systemic support for just about every enterprise doing business today.

A single down-time event can result in data loss or corruption, days of effort getting systems back up and in working order, and damage to critical equipment and business relationships. Progressive data centers are resting on an antiquated electrical grid and are continuously challenged to meet intensifying energy needs. Additionally, data centers are constantly battling the excess heat generated by rooms of servers and other computer equipment.

Consistent, Always-on Electrical Energy

EthosGen has the power to consistently produce an always-on energy infrastructure while reducing operational costs and creating a more sustainable system overall delivering:

• Infrastructure stability
• Parallel protection for business-critical systems
• Redundancy against grid failures or downtime events
• Affordable, rapid scalability

EthosGen’s Sorption-Energy turns thermal energy that is lost and/or mitigated as waste heat into a stable source of cooling capacity and electrical power that data centers can use. Even data centers with their own in-house generation equipment can amplify their efforts by using Sorption-Energy System to capture the excess heat from primary power systems to provide a parallel source of electrical energy.