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Making green energy even greener.

Utility-grade commercial renewable energy providers are already on the forefront of the sustainability movement, relieving global demand for our limited energy reserves by transitioning big users to inexhaustible sources—sun, earth and wind.

But even renewable energy systems produce heat as a byproduct of their mechanical functions and are usually still semi-reliant on the grid. There are still opportunities to make an already green system even greener.

A Fuel-Free, Emissions-Free, Electrical Energy Partner

EthosGen’s energy solutions amplify the efforts of grid-tied solar PV, concentrated solar, and geothermal systems by delivering clean, efficient electrical power generation during downtime cycles, as an additional power stream, or as an electrical value-add to a renewable heat generation system. EthosGen creates a holistic, around-the-clock, renewable energy solution that:

  • Utilizes existing energy resources currently being lost or mitigated
  • Increases infrastructure stability
  • Reduces reliance on fossil-fuel resources
  • Creates redundancy against grid failures or downtime events
  • Produces fuel-free, emissions-free, 24/7 on-site power generation as a value-add
  • Strengthens the resiliency of existing alternative energy solutions

EthosGen’s Sorption-Energy meets needs of the alternative energy industry with an equally renewable solution, turning thermal energy that is lost and/or mitigated as waste heat into a stable source of electrical power that modern green businesses can use. It eliminates the need for fossil-fuel-driven generators in what are otherwise clean systems, capturing the excess heat from primary power systems to provide a parallel source of electrical energy.