Our Philosophy

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Using existing systems and behaviors to create energy making what you already do more sustainable and more resilient—today.

Since 2006, EthosGen has been creating and deploying utility-grade energy systems that deliver a reliable, secure and cost effective power supply to clients around the globe. The most revolutionary thing is the ability to implement EthosGen solutions immediately—without significantly changing your operations.

All of EthosGen’s on-site power generation solutions are scalable, can be deployed within the current market infrastructure, and can reach up to double-digit efficiencies.

Through innovation, experimentation and a whole lot of hard work, our team of experts delivers power and results. Whether it’s the conversion of waste heat into an economically beneficial and sustainable energy source or collaborating on a transformative solution with other industry pioneers, our technologies generate clean energy with immediate value and in a way that is geographically and economically accessible to all.

Our mission is simple: Create a clear path to energy independence for industrial, commercial and military operations worldwide.

At EthosGen, we see a future full of energy.

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Leadership Team

James Abrams

James Abrams

Founder and CEO

James Abrams is Founder and CEO of EthosGen, the leading innovator of advanced materials to generate renewable, resilient and revolutionary clean energy. Prior to EthosGen, James has establish record of developing early stage clean energy technologies into successful ventures and acquisitions including eCoCarts, Excelsior Industries and Connection Energy. James serves as an advisory board member for King’s College AACSB accredited McGowan School of Business. James has been featured keynote speaker at various industry and academia exhibitions including official delegate of United States Department of State Delegate , World Bioenergy Summit 2012, 2014, and 2016, Keynote Speaker Global Landscapes Sustainability Conference, Carnegie Mellon Energy Forum, Defense Energy Summit. Through his leadership EthosGen has deployed clean energy technologies in over 13 countries, selected as one of 12 international clean tech firms for prestigious Free Electrons Excelerator, NYSERDA 76 West Finalist, and top 25 firms for Sir Richard Branson’s Extreme Tech Challenge. In 2015, Ernst and Young recognized James Abrams as clean tech Entrepreneur of the Year Finalist. James personal “ethos” can be defined by his commitment to giving back to both the business and local communities. James participates in and provides philanthropic leadership and gifts to numerous technology, educational and non-profit boards including TecBridge, American Heart Association, World Wildlife Fund and Cancer Research Institute. James received his dual-degree from King’s College.

Paul Roege

COL (ret.) Paul E. Roege, P.E.

Chief Technical Officer

Paul Roege has been EthosGen’s Chief Technology Officer since 2015. He brings over 35 years of international experience to the team, including leadership roles in military operations and construction, and energy system engineering and facility operations. As a US Army officer, Paul built key military infrastructure and exercised combat engineering capabilities in Europe, Asia, Africa and Central America. He planned the restoration of Iraq’s oil production system during Operation Iraqi Freedom and later authored Army operational energy concepts, strategies, and organizational charters. In his civilian career, he led engineering and operational teams to address challenges of cleaning up US nuclear weapons site, and processing and storing tons of plutonium from US and former Soviet weapons programs.

With long-term foci on energy and resilience, Paul internalizes the EthosGen quest to deliver technologies that help democratize energy. He actively advocates and participates in resilience development at all levels, including stewardship of personally-owned lands and participation in Montana’s forest management network. He also participates in local and state youth talent development initiatives. Paul is a registered professional engineer, a West Point alumnus, and holds graduate degrees from Boston University (MBA) and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (Nuclear Engineer).

Linette Rayeski

Linette Rayeski

Chief Financial Officer

Linette Rayeski joined EthosGen as Chief Financial Officer in 2018. She brings to the team more than 20 years of experience in global Finance, Strategy, and Operations across the diversified industrial, retail, and consumer products markets. Linette began her career under Ingersoll-Rand’s renowned leadership development program, subsequently expanded her roles there, and then moved into executive roles at Revlon and ANN Inc. Most recently, she played the lead finance role at launch for a new world-class beauty company venture under a well-known private-equity portfolio. Having been involved in multiple business initiation, integration, and divestiture transactions during her career, Linette is known for being an agent for change and motivating teams in their continuous improvement.

A native of Northeastern Pennsylvania (“NEPA”), Linette has been fortunate to live in over a dozen locations, and work in or travel to 50+ others (and counting), across the globe. Her experiences have nurtured an appreciation for the balance to be found amongst exploration, innovation, and sustainability, as well as the importance of life-long learning. Linette holds an MBA from Columbia University Graduate School of Business and a Bachelor of Science in Accounting from King’s College.

When not working, Linette can often be found outdoors exercising with her dog or engaging in her passions of yoga (RYT 200 certified yoga instructor) and wellness, mentoring, and animal welfare.

Jack Haight

John B. (Jack) Haight

Chief Business Development Officer

Jack Haight has more than 45 years’ expertise in marketing, sales, research, and manufacturing, and vast safety experience through teaching, leading, and developing programs in DuPont Sustainable Solutions plants throughout the United States. Jack has industry experience in chemicals, refining, fluoroproducts, engineering polymers, waste treatment, and has specialized in large and small plant management and large and small project management. He holds a bachelor’s degree in chemical engineering from University of Notre Dame, a master’s degree in computer science from the University of Buffalo and an MBA from Canisius College.

Thomas Hightower

Thomas C. Hightower, Jr.

Chief Business Development Officer

Tom Hightower has more than 37 years’ expertise in marketing, sales, project management, and manufacturing with DuPont, and safety experience in plants throughout the United States and South America. Tom has industry experience in various industrial chemicals, refining, white pigments, nylon intermediates, and has specialized in large and small plant management and large and small project management. Prior to joining DuPont, Tom served over nine years as a commissioned officer in the US Army Corps of Engineers where he held various command and staff assignments in the US and Vietnam as well as served on the faculty of the Department of Chemistry at the US Military Academy, West Point, NY. He has a bachelor’s degree in chemistry from University of Southern Mississippi, a master’s degree in inorganic chemistry from Georgia Institute of Technology and was an honor graduate from the US Army Engineer School’s Engineer Officers Advanced Course.