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Don’t change what you do; change what it does for you.

Manufacturers, pharmaceutical companies, food processors and other industrial businesses are transforming raw materials into something greater than the sum of their parts every single day. But it takes energy—and lots of it—to make it all possible. The cost is great and just getting greater. Unfortunately, most alternative energy solutions today involve disruptive technologies that require substantial infrastructure investment, potential downtime, and are just too expensive, taking decades to show return on investment.

At the same time, operations directors spend budget dollars and man-hours on thermal management, keeping heat—a byproduct of all industrial processes—moving away from the production floor and out of the facilities through stacks, flares, vents and other equipment.

Affordable, Efficient Energy—Today

Turn thermal management into thermal productivity without sacrificing production with EthosGen’s energy solutions. On-site power generation from waste heat can reduce operational costs and create a more sustainable system overall:

  • Utilizing existing energy resources
  • Offsetting ever-increasing electrical demands
  • Dramatically reducing heat-management spend
  • Realizing fuel-free, emissions-free, 24/7 on-site power generation that supports existing systems

EthosGen’s Sorption-Energy System provides a revolutionary new power source for modern industrial leaders. By harnessing energy sources already being produced as a byproduct, companies can run better, faster, and more efficiently. CraftEngine turns thermal energy that is lost and/or mitigated as waste heat into a stable source of electrical power that industrial manufacturers can use.

Even facilities with their own in-house generation equipment can amplify their efforts by using Sorption-Energy System to capture the excess heat from primary power systems to provide a parallel source of electrical energy. And unlike other on-site power generation, companies can see payback in a period of months rather than years.