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Advanced energy systems for secure on-site power generation no matter the mission.

At the operational and tactical level, fuel logistics have proven especially vulnerable to attack in recent conflicts, resulting in lives lost moving and protecting fuel on the battlefield and leaving defense forces handicapped.

While global battlefield energy supplies are under increasing pressure, military demand for energy is growing exponentially. Implementing fuel-free, emissions-free, 24/7 on-site power generation ensures the United States Department of Defense and its allies will have the energy resources they require to protect and defend.

Resilient and Resourceful Electrical Energy

EthosGen’s  Thermal Energy to Electric Power System (TEEPS), provides a revolutionary new power source for modern, technologically advanced military operations. By harnessing energy sources already on the battlefield, military operations no longer have to rely on a single fuel source to supply the electrical power required to run critical in-the-field missions.

The closed-loop power generation of  TEEPs is unaffected by harsh environments—requiring up to 50% less maintenance than current inventory generators—and offers the following top-line benefits:

  • Reduces reliance on scarce and vulnerable fuel resources
  • Provides stable, around-the-clock power
  • Improves the range, endurance and of information assets
  • Increases electrical capabilities by 10-20% with no additional fuel
  • Makes matching battlefield load conditions easier
  • Simplifies protection and maintenance so combat forces can focus on mission-critical tasks
  • Helps shield operations from energy price and supply volatility and disruption
  • Contributes to national goals by reducing reliance on fossil fuels, cutting greenhouse gas emissions, and stimulating innovation in the civilian sector

Rapid Deployment, Durability and Endurance

A CraftEngine TEEPS can be implemented as a retrofit to current generator systems meaning rapid deployment in the field with very little if any disruption to the existing processes. By replacing partially loaded larger generators with smaller, lighter TEEPS, military operations can reduce fuel usage for electrical power generation by more than 50%, potentially saving more than 100 million gallons of JP-8 fuel annually.

Initial acquisitions costs are comparable to bringing on a current inventory generator set, but with an estimated 10-year life expectancy due to extremely low-friction, low-temperature design, operations can see payback in a period of months rather than years.