Sorption-Energy: Waste Heat to Power

Sorption-Energy: Waste Heat to Power 2017-06-09T20:38:37+00:00

Revolutionizing the way energy is generated and distributed throughout the world.

EthosGen’s Sorption Energy cycle takes just about any industrial heat source—manufacturing processes, commercial building waste heat, solar thermal, geothermal, or waste/biomass combustion—and transforms it into a stable, storable, 24/7 sources of electricity and cooling. It is resilient, renewable and, best of all, operationally and economically feasible today.

Making good, great.

Whether harnessing waste heat or amplifying alternative energy generation Sorption-Energy cycle improves rather than replaces existing systems. Any type of facility can benefit from conversion of waste heat through Sorption Energy System from commercial buildings to power plants to on-location defense department installations. And it is scalable—capable of handling a comprehensive range of electrical and heat source requirements.

Sorption-Energy System can provide cooling.

Mission critical systems like those on military battlefields or in data centers can’t afford downtime due to outages. CraftEngine keeps vital technology and machinery running with fuel-free and emissions-free energy.

Transformative technology builds on the best.

Sorption-Energy System features:

  • High power density
  • Use of Nanoparticle Soprtion of Waste Heat
  • Viking CraftEngine Piston-based external heat engine
  • Unique heat exchanger solution keeps size small an efficiency high
  • Thermodynamic cycle based on Rankine-cycle (ORC)

EthosGen is revolutionizing the use of waste-heat to electrical power by offering full turnkey energy solution, customizing and installing the equipment based on your specific needs. Clients may also consider entering into an energy service contract with EthosGen to reduce or eliminate many of the up-front costs of installation.

Harness the heat you’re throwing away and see a future full of energy.

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